Solara Technical Consulting Services

Solara Technical Consulting provides assistance to companies with analyzing and defining power system architectures, writing power specifications, and engineering telecom/computer power plants.

We focus our efforts and tailor to your business. We compose industry comparison evaluations including; identifying areas for sales improvement, recommend changes to operating procedures for optimal performance and cost savings.

We act as pivotal business partners to develop solutions that contribute to our customers' production requirements. We accomplish this by successfully creating and implementing design plans and selling strategies in the electronics industry.

Let's get down to specifics -- Our specialized areas of consulting are:

Engineering Design
We design power supplies, Power System Architectures, Energy Storage Solutions, and EMI filters.

Safety Test Consulting
Safety Testing test programs and reports for Information Technology Equipment, including UL/CSA/EN60950, UL1801, and IEC61204. Expertise in dc-dc converters and ac-dc power supplies and systems utilizing battery backup banks. Will walk you through from start to finish, including UL, CSA, VDE Marks, as well as international deviations/approvals. CE Marking consulting is also available.

Telecom & Datacom Power Plants
We custom Design and Configure power plants to your critical load requirements. We have a depth and breadth of knowledge of Bellcore, ANSI, UL and Rural Utility Service requirements for power and grounding.

We support SPICE and SIMPUS simulations of power electronic circuits.

Specifications & Design Reviews
We write specifications and perform Independent Design Reviews (IDR).

Market Analysis
Market Data Analysis, Trend Spotting, Identifying new markets and new technologies.

Market Communications
Public Relations, press interface, Event planning & coordination (APEC, INTELEC, SUPERCOMM), facilitation of marketing campaigns to drive revenue.

Technical Training
We offer short courses in Power electronics, power systems and the latest technology advances. Training on simulation techniques (circuits & systems) and design implementation also available.

Solara Technical is a member of the Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA).